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We are the Spodar Group, and we've been providing custom software development services in Kharkiv, Ukraine since 2018.

Since the very beginning of Spodar Group, we have carefully accumulated and fostered the vast amount of technical and business-related skills and knowledge the company has gained. Most importantly, when working on any project, we always try to implement the best of ourselves offering the most beneficial solutions for the business needs of each project and make sure to provide expert-level services with a personal touch.

Our mission at Spodar Group is to translate your ideas into seamless and efficient software products by employing advanced technologies and cost-effective approaches. We are continuously improving our technical expertise to bring cutting-edge technology and service offers to our customers.


Product Development

We are your one-stop shop for IT outsourcing: requirements analysis, custom solutions, architecture, UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, administration, and support.


With clear requirements and detailed project scope & specification, we can handle your project from A to Z. Perfect for simple short-term projects where everything, including the UI/UX design, has already been finalized.

Dedicated team

We double-check we understand your goals and provide you with the team of handpicked experts best fitted to implement your project, be they software architects or developers, UI/UX designers or QA engineers.

IT Consultancy

Looking for expert help to optimize your application and data infrastructure? Our team of highly skilled solution architects, developers, QA specialists, and database administrators will be glad to provide you a short-term help for free!



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Janno Järv, CTO at Replace Group

If you're looking for a perfect solution, look no further than Spodar Group! I was impressed by the outstanding work quality and exceptionally clear communication. The staff was always polite and helpful. It was clear that they cared about the product they did!
The project milestones were delivered ahead of time with very competitive pricing.
That's why I recommend this company for its customer relationship and technical expertise!
Job well done!

CTO, Email Server/Messaging Company

Spodar Group’s efforts fixed the problems and managed to close all support tickets, leaving customers happy. They excelled at their availability and communication, helping the client on a 24/7 basis. They used Trello to manage all their tasks, delivering the project on time and within budget.

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